GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH assists German employers in meeting the need for high quality nurses. For this reason, we concentrate on the Philippine market and developed a sustainable procurement process. Our service package includes:

  • Highly qualified nurses with multiple years of experience
  • A customized recruitment process taking into consideration the demanded specifications
  • Preparing for and attending to the recognition procedure
  • Synchronizing the process with Philippine and German regulations
  • Full-time German language study in the Philippines up to level B2 during 8-10 months with special focus on working in the health sector
  • Risk management (e.g. drop-out management)
  • Performance monitoring in the classes in coordination with the employer (e.g. real time link to the lesson and newsletters)
  • Integration measures starting already in the Philippines
  • Organizing the trip to the German destination
  • Overall integration into the social environment in Germany

Your Advantages

Our Nurses

The range of our nurses reaches from graduates up to specialized nurses with years of experience. The right supply for any need.

Selection / Recruiting Process

Our selection process finds exactly the needed nurses and prepares them for the start of their employment in Germany.

Focused Language Training

Acquiring good knowledge of German is the foundation for the successful employment of nurses in Germany. In our language school we integrated a professional section «German for nurses» in regard to a targeted education in communication based in the health sector.


Besides a good knowledge of the language, successful integration is the key for a sustainable employment of Philippine nurses in Germany. Our integration team with experience in the medical profession and German as well as Philippine roots implements immigration measures and guarantees with their personal commitment a successful integration.

Process and Risk Management

We are your reliable partner in all matters starting from the recruitment up to the successful integration of the nurses. Risk minimization is our specialty, from the beginning we inform employers about potential risks.

Long-term Partnerships

We are striving to establish long-term partnerships in the health sector for the sustainable procurement of nurses.

Recruitment Process

approx. 15 months
Custom-fit search of candidates
Skype interviews & selection of candidates
Language training up to German level B2 & preparatory courses (approx. 8-10 months)
Transfer to Germany & commencement of work
Integration, recognition procedures & continuing language training


We have a large pool of nurses who already started language school or can immediately start with language training.

Are you interested in our nurses? Please contact us.



The establishment of GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH was inspired, initiated and supported through the activities of Dr. ius. Urs Lustenberger as chair of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce and honorary consul of the Philippines. GLOBOGATE Recruiting GmbH acts as conscientious partner for German employers and guarantees the sustainable and goal-driven procurement of nurses from the Philippines.


In compliance with the Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is our aim to accompany health personnel from the Philippines into German-speaking countries, and hereby effect relief in the health sector.

Our Team